Ready to see what Crossfit is about first hand? We invite you to attend our FREE training session, held every Saturday. Those new to CrossFit will take a foundations class to be introduced to the staff, member community, facility and protocols regarding the program. Our paying members can also participate in the 10am class as there will be an orientation class and regular class slotted for 10am.

Our gym offers all of the CrossFit tools you will need to get in the best shape of your life including tires to flip, Olympic bars, bumper plates, rubber floored lifting area, kettlebells, jump ropes, push sleds, pull sleds, pull-up bars, hurdles, battle ropes, climbing ropes, squat stands, dumbbells, medicine balls, slammer balls, GHD machines, Concept 2 Rowers, strength bands, gym chalk, Ab Mats, exercise and stretch mats, sledge hammers, gymnastic rings, balance pads, foam rollers, stability balls, agility ladders, BOSU Ball, bungee harness, carry dummies, ab wheels, slosh pipes, parralette bars, Schwinn Airdyne cycles, upper body ergometer, pvc pipe, weighted vest and sand bags. Our facility is heated and air conditioned, and has water cooler service!