Class Descriptions

On Ramp/Foundations Class:

Each client must complete a two week on-ramp program to learn the fundamentals of the Crossfit method. This includes gaining a thorough understanding of the workout movements as well as the nutrition options available.

We know each member personally, and we want you to be familiar with our community, the coaching staff, club rules, and safety practices. Safety is key at Crossfit. While some gyms begin with a scaled back workout right off the bat, we prefer to cover the fundamentals first. Don’t worry: you’ll still get a great workout drilling the movements.

When you’re ready we’ll give you a mini “workout of the day” to prepare your body for the intensity of the upcoming classes. If you have practiced Crossfit before and your mechanics are correct, we can waive the on-ramp program for you.

Regular CrossFit Insomnia Class:

The main body class is led by two certified Crossfit coaches with the goal of ensuring you are doing the exercises properly and motivating you to achieve new levels of fitness you may never have thought possible.

Workouts are never the same, but consist of lifting, throwing, pulling, running, jumping, pushing, rowing, swinging, and climbing. You will always be challenged to give your best, and this is bolstered by the sense of camaraderie that develops by overcoming challenges with others.

We also offer competition training for those wanting to compete in local and regional events.

Boot Camp:

These programs are less intense than our Crossfit classes, but offer workouts that are both fun and challenging with proven results. We offer six week boot camps where clients can lose up to twenty pounds!

This fast paced course is perfect if you’re looking to quickly get into shape for a wedding, holiday party, reunion, or the beach. The boot camp can be used as a prep course for the regular classes or repeated as often as necessary.